The process of buying real estate:

Deposit and conclusion of a private contract of purchase and sale;
Bank account opening;
Obtaining a tax number for foreigners N.I.E. (Número de identidad de extranjero);
Making payments in accordance with the contract;
The official signing of the notarial contract of purchase and sale;
Payment of one-time taxes and expenses for registration of property;
Registration of the signed purchase and sale agreement.

The costs for registration:

10% -value added tax. Сharged on the purchase of new buildings.
10% – tax on the transfer of rights. Charged when buying a home on the secondary market.
21% – tax levied on the purchase of non-residential (commercial) real estate and land. (The tax base is the value of the property specified in the contract of sale)
Registration of the contract of purchase and sale:
Notary fee
Registration fee
Legal fee
Tax on documented legal acts (Impuesto sobre actos jurídicos documentados – AJD).

Property maintenance:

Impuesto Extraordinario Sobre el Patrimonio – Federal tax on foreign ownership of property in Spain;
Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebles – municipal property tax;
The required utilities:
Comunidad – maintenance of the common area of the complex, building;

Nota Simple

The information contained in Nota Simple is necessary for the future owner of the property in case of purchase.


Document confirming the residence time in Spain, regardless of the nationality and legal status of the foreigner: whether he has a residence or not.